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We’re here to help ALL women understand what the F$#% is going on with their body, from your first tampon until we’re all old and wrinkly.

Women have long been given the short end of the stick when it comes to medical and health research, and as a result we don’t know the difference between what is common and normal when it comes to our health. Leading to feeling shame when our bodies aren’t ‘behaving’ themselves. 

No need to fret, we’ve got you. With our killer instincts, fancy degrees and appetite for answers… 


Because women’s health is more than going to the Gyno…

Women are under-represented in research that matters to us

We don’t participate in research that matters

There are less women participants in research studies that test conditions which affect more women.

Women are more effected by Alzheimers

There is a strong sex difference in Alzheimers

Alzheimers is twice as likely to affect Women than men

Women have anxiety and depression 2x more than men

Women suffer from Anxiety & Depression

Women are twice as likely to suffer from Anxiety & Depression

Women are 3x more affected by autoimmune disease than men

Autoimmune disease affects 3x more women

Think; MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc…

This is TSOM

We make healthcare for women, less about being scary and confusing and more about being simple, smart and a little sassy… No matter your age. 

Founded by Dr. Anthea Todd (BHsc. BApp.Hsci. Chiro)

TSOM was founded by Australian health practitioner Dr Anthea Todd. She created TSOM after having many female patients, friends and family complain of the same core issue… ’This [insert problem] is happening and I don’t know why and/or what I should do next’. Put simply, We’re not confident with our health. Why should we be? Our education stops at our first period and safe sex, what about the other stuff? Like things to add to your diet in menopause to help prevent alzheimers? Why are you spotting through your cycle? Is your contraception contributing to your anxiety? That’s where TSOM comes in. Giving you a simple and smart way of looking at your health through a medical and natural lens. 

OMG. Fun Health Care?!

So much of healthcare for women is only focused on what our bikini hides, our Coochie and Tatas. It’s often stressful, uber confusing and intimidating. We get tossed from doctors appointment to doctors appointment, not really knowing what’s going on, hoping to sweet baby Jesus that the next person will figure out what’s wrong with us. Yuck right?!

*Sadly we don’t have a solution for the less than fun but completely necessary pap smear, yet.*

So ‘what if’ we could make it a whole lot simpler? Less stressful. Fun even?


So much of womens health is confusing. Why can’t it be simple?

Dr. Anthea Todd


Womens health is more than our ovaries & uterus.

No time for confusion.

Our products and resources focus on giving women confidence with their healthcare. Simplicity is key. If you’re 12 year old daughter or niece can’t understand it, we don’t share it.  

No Baloney.

We’re not here to tout the miracles of unicorn dust, or lima poop. We’re serious about giving you evidence backed information, in super simple, hold the mumbo-jumbo terms.

Fun, Empowered, Healthy.

We don’t promise to solve all of your problems, we’re not THE Messiah. We do however promise to give you the information and tools you need to to slay anything life has to throw at you. 

TSOM gives women the confidence to make informed health decisions through our simple, smart and fun information and resources. Starting with understanding how your body changes throughout the month AND your life. 

Think; knowing which contraception is right for you. What to ask in your Doctors appointments for endometriosis. Why your male partner can lose weight so much quicker (that bastard!) and how you can best eat for your female cells. How you can exercise without messing with your hormones. 

Mainstream diets, exercise fads, and health information is used for both men and women, that’s like trying to drive a motorbike the same way as a car. It gets us from A to B and has similar parts but they work differently and need to be driven differently. (So why do we treat men and women the same?!?!)

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