Self-Health Checks

We all know about feeling ourselves up every other week and taking notice of any new lumps or changing moles but we often don’t know about the subtle signs  that our body whispers to us everyday, telling us what it needs. Often we don’t understand that these whispers are our body’s way of telling us that something is off and it is only when our body starts to YELL at us that we begin to listen. 

These quizzes are designed to help you understand your body’s whispers, and to work in conjunction with your qualified health professional.

What Is My Hormonal Type?

Hormone imbalances are one of the most ignored and misunderstood aspects of woman's health. Women's hormones are on a completely different time frequency and balance compared to men, and when they are out of balance things start to go a bit haywire. Mood swings, dry skin, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety and feeling cold are unfortunately more synonymous with being a female compared to a male. This doesn't mean it's normal, it just means that we most likely have a hormonal imbalance, and correcting this can help us feel more like ourselves. 
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Am I Iron Deficient?

Iron deficiency effects around 25% of the Australian population! Our diagnostic testing is set up so that we are only very high, or very low if we're in the top or bottom 2.5% of those being tested. This means we can often ignore our clinical symptoms and only rely on our blood tests. 

This quick quiz, helps you understand the degree to which your iron levels might be contributing to your poor or good health. This is in no way diagnostic, but is to be used in conjunction with your blood test results, and expert medical opinion.

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Am I deficient in Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is so very very important in helping build, repair and excrete toxins when we're in the process of producing energy. It also helps protect our DNA and help our immune system work effectively. 

Vitamin B12 is sourced from food and also made by our gut bacteria, so if you have low stomach acid it can effect your absorption of this awesome vitamin! 

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Am I Vitamin D Deficient?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin our body needs to carry out many different processes. It is important in helping our gut absorb nutrients like iron, zinc and magnesium. It is also famously known in helping the body regulate our calcium levels, a great anti-inflammatory and helping create and regulate our cholesterol levels.

Getting a blood test for the 25-OH form of vitamin D is a great way to see how much vitamin D we have stored in our body. 

This quiz helps give you an indication whether you may be deficient

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Am I Zinc Deficient?

Zinc is an essential cofactor that helps all of our enzymes function properly, so it's really really important!

It's essential for things like pregnancy, breast feeding, mood stabilising and digestion!

If you have white spots on your finger nails and stretch marks, among other things these could be a sign of zinc deficiency. 

Take this quiz to figure out if you may be Zinc deficient, it's a great starting point and something you can use to talk to your doctor about. 

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