Quiz- What's My Health Weakness?

We all know we should get a good nights sleep, exercise, eat well and have good relationships. But sometimes we don’t know which one is the main cause of our health issues? 

If you want to know… or if you just really love doing online quizzes like us, check out the one below.

What is my Health Weakness?

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PhD Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist

Dr. Stacey Sims 

Hormones tell our body what to do. How to eat, sleep and even when to grow. They give us our appetite and sex drive. They help us have babies, They make us happy, sad and giddy in love.

In men, these hormones are pretty stable day in and day out (though they certainly change over a lifetime). In women, however, it’s another story. And that story centres around the menstrual cycle.