Quiz- What's My Hormone Type?

Your body is a pretty frick’n incredible thing! There are all these cogs working in the background for you to literally hold in your bodily fluids, keep a good body temperature when a hottie walks in,  digest your lunch and keep your hormones in check. 

There are many combinations of things that can be leading our body down the wrong path. We’ve highlighted the 9 most common imbalances in hormones. Take the quiz to know which one you are.

What Is My Hormonal Type?

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PhD Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist

Dr. Stacey Sims 

Hormones tell our body what to do. How to eat, sleep and even when to grow. They give us our appetite and sex drive. They help us have babies, They make us happy, sad and giddy in love.

In men, these hormones are pretty stable day in and day out (though they certainly change over a lifetime). In women, however, it’s another story. And that story centres around the menstrual cycle.