Women’s Health Online Appointment- Initial



You know us, we’re all about making women’s health fun and simple… Most of the time this can be done easily, but if you’re someone that feels like they’ve been bashing their head up against a wall, going to 5 different doctors, reading mountains of books and google searching into the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out what the hell is going on with you… You probably need an extra hand.

  • Thinking about fertility and having a baby soon?
  • Want to get to the root cause of your PCOS?
  • Understand what you can do for your endometriosis?
  • Navigating menopause and want to maintain your energy, libido and weight?Have multiple health issues and it just seems too complex to know where to start?
  • You’ve run into a road block and you want to know what your next move should be?
We recommend booking a follow up appointment so we can keep you on track and follow up on any tests or tricky things we discuss in the initial appointment.
This item: Women's Health Online Appointment- Initial

Dr. Anthea is excited to be able to help you one on one with your specific health concerns. Helping you get to the bottom of your issues, point you in the right direction and help you understand how you can harness your health through your hormones.

Dr. Anthea is a qualified and registered Chiropractor after studying for 5 years and completing a double bachelors degree. She is currently studying her Masters in Women’s Health Medicine.

Appointments done via; FaceTime, Phone or Google Hangouts (Email address required). Can be cancelled/ rescheduled up to 24hours before the intended appointment time.

Can you claim on your private health? At the moment no. But we’re actively looking into this and hope to have this available by the end of the year.