Follow Up Appointment



After you have had an extensive first appointment with Dr. Anthea, we recommend booking in a follow up appointment to make sure you’re travelling along the right path, or to advise on particular things discussed in your case; where you may need things like blood tests, ultrasounds or other diagnostic tests in order to be thorough, and ensure the best outcome.

This is a follow up appointment after you have completed the initial in depth appointment with Dr. Anthea.

Anthea may recommend the need for further tests or get in contact with your primary healthcare practitioner with your consent. Follow up consults ensure everyone is on the same page and you are at the centre of your care, giving you the power.

Dr. Anthea is a qualified and registered Chiropractor after studying for 5 years and completing a double bachelors degree. She is currently studying her Masters in Women’s Health Medicine, and is a Primary Healthcare Practitioner.