Donate- Domestic Violence

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Don’t want to buy a T-shirt, but still want to help raise awareness and liberate people suffering in Domestic Violence?

All of the funds are donated to Safe Steps Victoria.

This is the direct impact of your actions:

  •  $35 can help provide a crisis care package for a mum and children in temporary emergency accommodation. 
  • $50 can help provide secure, temporary housing for pets in crisis when women and children are escaping family violence. (2 T-shirts)
  • $75 can help provide essential specialist support for a women planning to leave a violent relationship. (3 T-shirts)
  • $125 can help provide several nights in safe and appropriate emergency accommodation for a woman and her children. (5 T-shirts)
  • $350 can help cover relocation costs for a mother and children moving house due to family violence. (14 T-shirts)