Ladies…It’s Time to Grab your Health by the Balls!

Do you ever dread the day your period comes?

Are you worried about your future fertility?

Do you every wonder why so many of us women have anxiety?

So you suffer from chronic health issues?

Are you frustrated with chasing around your random symptoms?

Do you want a refreshing take on your health?

Join us… Dr. Anthea Todd (B.Hsci. B.App.Hsci Chiro) and Dr. Sophie Todd (B.Hsci. B.App.Hsci Chiro) as we show our fellow ladies how to grab their health by the balls.

We’ll be popping into your ears every Tuesday with fortnightly half hour episodes dedicated to the health issues your really feeling, and every other week, with bit sized episodes on particular info all of us women should know.

Kicking off On Tuesday the 12th of November with our first mini series on hormones.

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So call your girlfriends, plug in your headphones and prepare to grab your health by the balls