Grab your ENDOMETRIOSIS by the balls

With 1 in 10 women suffering from Endometriosis, copious amounts of online forums and support groups, an entire day dedicated to awareness and now the Australian government highlighting this as a key issue in its 2020 women’s health research it seems the world has woken up and is finally acknowledging endometriosis and those who are affected.

Endometriosis is more than just heavy periods or painful periods. It causes debilitating pain physically but can also cause bowel issues, difficulty breathing, strain on relationships, pain during sex, multiple days off work, medical expenses into the tens of thousands of dollars and the crushing feeling of undeserving isolation.

Unfortunately, endometriosis is often seen as an ‘incurable’ condition. In this podcast we discuss the underlying cause of endometriosis and empower you to grab your health by the balls. Understanding the steps you can take to change your own bodies physiology can be powerful. It’s not only about hollow awareness, it’s about making changes to better your life.

Note more up to date information about phyto-oestrogens, xeno-oestrogens in this episode: ‘Fake Tan, Soy Lattes and Pushups’


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