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Fake Tan, Kombucha, Autoimmune Disease, Gut Healing Tea, Exhaustion, Anxiety, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility, Hysterectomies, Relationships. As women there is a lot of ‘stuff’ we have to worry about. We try one thing to improve our health, and can often find that we end up with another issue. The majority of us are just trying to be fit, healthy, have great relationships… not having to take too much time off work because of debilitating pain, doctors appointments or spend more and more money on surgery, medication or the latest cleanse that all seem to leave us with side effects and more confused than ever. 

We all want to same thing. Control over our forking bodies. Don’t fret. We hear you! We want the same thing, and with our knowledge and the gift of the internet we’re here to help you and any other women that out of the confusion and into grabbing their health by the balls!


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Dr. Sophie Todd

(B.Hsci. B.App.Hsci. Chiropractic)

Hey! My names Sophie Todd and I’m currently situated in Geelong, Victoria! I won’t spend too much time babbling on about myself but basically my goal in this podcast is to let you in on a secret in regards to health…there is no magic pill to save you from your current health state.

I know right !? Disappointing … NO!

I’m here to explain to you that I think that’s pretty cool….it means the only person in the drivers seat of these conditions is YOU! It means you have control…how cool. There’s something you can do about it.

I have a fairly sound knowledge of the human body after 5 years of study at university, I spend my free time listening to podcasts and reading and talking to other professionals to learn as much as possible about health. I’m just like you, going through life trying to do my best! Basically I live and breathe this stuff and what I’ve learnt is change doesn’t happen overnight, but you CAN make changes and just how the small habits and daily routines that have gotten you to where you are now,  are the same way those habits and routines will get you to where you want to be and make lasting changes to your health.

I’ve sat through too many dinner table conversations about the health concerns women are having, overheard conversations on public transport, had countless women (patients, family and friends) ask me what they can do to get themselves well that I can no longer sit back and let it happen. With so much information on the internet my mission (along with Anthea) is to cut through some bullshit and simplify this for you.

I don’t have all the answers, but I may provide a perspective you haven’t considered. You have control and you can make changes if you’re willing to educate yourself and be patient.

Dr. Anthea Todd

(B.Hsci. B.App.Hsci. Chiropractic)

Hey! Nice to meet you, I suppose you’re reading this because you want to get to know me a bit better? Well besides the typical “enjoys time with friends and family etc”, I’m super passionate about figuring out how our body is connected and educating you on the simple and easy things you can do to help your body.  

I was brought up in a household with natural health care practitioners and this helped me get a great deal of perspective on health and the healthcare system. Dinner time would often consist of my parents discussing different patient cases and figuring out what the underlying cause was, speaking about the trends they saw in patients across their life span. We would also enjoy the night time competition of seeing who could diagnose the patient first on Grey’s Anatomy or what ever medical show we were watching (and yes you best believe I am competitive). 

It still baffles me to hear some of things people accept as the truth when it comes to their health and their healthcare, and to see the amount of pain and suffering that is now considered as normal or ‘incurable’, particularly when we’re talking about conditions and diseases that are created from things we’ve done to ourselves, not some foreign pathogen (Fancy word for nasty bug). We all do the best we can with the situation and tools we have, so I feel with the degree, knowledge and passion I have, the least I can do to help is to help you understand how you can use different tools to help change your situation, and grab your health by the balls, and what better person to do that with than my super smart sissy in-law Soph.

Coming Soon...

Bite Size Ep: Menstrual Cycle

Release Date: 19 Nov 2019

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Release Date: 26 Nov 2019

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