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Weight Gain

Menopausal weight gain seems like something we’re destined for. We’re often told to enjoy our ‘young’  metabolism before we head into menopause. In part this is true, our metabolism does change, and so do our hormones. Understanding why this happens, will help you understand how to keep your weight under control and keep you feeling energetic and strong, instead of that sunbathing seal you might feel like some days. 

I'm eating the same... why the F*#k am i gaining weight?

How our body looks and feels is dependent on 2 things; What we do to it, in the form of it’s environment, including stress, food, exercise and relationships AND how the actual body is functioning. ie. What the cells are doing, what our hormones are doing and ultimately what our brain is telling our body to do and visa versa. 

So you can imagine, the whole of your adult life, you’ve been driving a minivan… You know how she runs, how you need to eat just the right things to help her bowels move, or just what to do when she’s having a bad day. You get your period every month, or there about’s and you understand what you need to eat and drink in order to keep your cycling hormones in balance. Until… Your body seemingly changes overnight. What you’ve been eating, drinking and moving like just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore… You haven’t changed your body has — Instead of driving a minivan, you’ve now driving a sedan — some of you may feel like a paddock bomb, others a convertible. 

The point is, it’s not you… Well it is you, but it’s the part of you that is out of your control. It has more to do with the changes that are happening with your hormones than the things you choose to do with your lifestyle– Providing you had a healthy lifestyle in the first place. (Did you know that smoking and obesity increasing may cause you to enter into menopause 2 years earlier than expected.)

This isn’t the end of the world, all you need to do is learn how to drive this sweet new ride of yours…

Weight Shift...

As we progress through peri-menopause, menopause and eventually a post-menopausal state (12 months after last period), our oestrogen levels steadily decrease. Why is this important in weight gain? 

Oestrogen is our ‘feminine’ hormone. When we have high amounts of it, we tend to look 


PhD Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist

Dr. Stacey Sims 

Hormones tell our body what to do. How to eat, sleep and even when to grow. They give us our appetite and sex drive. They help us have babies, They make us happy, sad and giddy in love.

In men, these hormones are pretty stable day in and day out (though they certainly change over a lifetime). In women, however, it’s another story. And that story centres around the menstrual cycle.


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