Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) can be a really informative test to assess your underlying core body functions. 

Unlike blood tests which indicate a 'snap shot' in time, hair testing displays a 3 month average of how your health has been functioning. 

Often if you're someone who feels like you have persistent issues, ranging from poor immune function, fatigue, acne, reflux, hormonal imbalances and more... But your blood tests are 'normal' this test could help you undercover the driving force behind your symptoms. 


Why Hair Test?



When we think about 'looking under the hood' of your body, there are many different ways we can do this. 

Often if you have new symptoms, or symptoms you haven't had checked, the best thing to do first is to visit your medical practitioner and exclude anything that is potentially life threatening. They will often send you for tests that range from blood tests to radiographs. 

If you're someone who has been checked for serious illness, and your results have come back 'normal', then this is great news! It can seem disheartening though, when we feel like something is wrong and the tests can't give us the answer. 

This is where hair testing comes in. Think of it like sending yourself for a blood test for a broken arm, it's the wrong test, you need an X-ray. 

The same is for dysfunction in your body. Often blood test parameters are set to look for pathology or 'disease'. Hair testing picks up imbalances before you get to that stage.


Want to view a sample test?

The test is a comprehensive way to assess dysfunction in your body on a functional level. If you've suffered from persistent health conditions, this test may shed light on the contributing dysfunction in your body. 

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