Female Fundamentals

A one day seminar for Allied Health Professionals who want to be a better option for women’s health.

With Dr. Anthea Todd (B.App.sci Chiropractic. MWomHMed)

Are you treating your Female patients
The same as your male patients?

You’re missing half of the picture. Women and men are different, and women require different care through each stage of their life. This seminar will teach you the fundamentals you need to know about every female patient.

To truly improve the health of your female patients, we have to understand the foundations of female health.

But there's a problem:

In depth

Undergraduate university only prepares us for the big structural differences between males and females, it doesn't prepare us for the functional differences in physiology.

Applicable Courses

Finding a course for allied health professionals about women's health is tricky. We often search for answers in random chunks, without having a place that puts it all together.

Save money

Post graduate degrees are expensive. Whilst this course doesn't give you a Diploma or Masters, it does give you a thorough education based on research.

Sex Differences

We've learnt to treat our male and female patients the same. We've also neglected how female patients change throughout their life and how we can support these natural changes.

Save Time

Finding the time to study current post graduate programs is time consuming and often not tailored to allied health practitioners. Female Fundamentals is an efficient way to learn relevant information.


The human body is complex. Looking at puberty, child birth, menopause and beyond with evolution and current societal pressures means we need to take a collaborative approach to female health.

We Cover

1. Foundations

  • History and examination clues to lookout for in a female patient
  • Understanding female health medical nomenclature 
  • Normal menstrual cycle and how it changes naturally across the lifespan
  • Normal physiology of female health at different stages of development
  • Hormones- The different types, the chemical pathways and their interactions
  • The important role of micronutrients and metabolism in hormone health
  • Red flag presentations at different stages of development
  • Touching on Menopausal hormone therapy and cancer risks

2. Connections

  • How to care for women who are trying to conceive
  • How to help women who are wanting to come off their hormonal contraception
  • Understanding the underlying pathogenesis of chronic conditions like; Endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis, Fibroids, Thyroid and Insulin Resistance 
  • Impacts of medications the good and the bad.
  • Clinical imaging and surgery
  • The interconnectedness and feedback loops of your hormones within themselves, and their impacts on the gut and brain.

3. Application

  • History and assessment forms
  • How to communicate and educate women on their body across their lifespan (From puberty to menopause)
  • How to help women transition from peri-menopause into menopause
  • How to read blood test results and communicate with GPs about pathological and functional health concerns of your patients
Dr. Anthea Todd

Your Trainer

Dr Anthea Todd is a Chiropractor, Women’s Health Practitioner and Educator, based in Victoria. 

Female Fundamentals, is a one day seminar for allied health professionals who want to shape the future of women’s health. It’s a culmination of Anthea’s career in Chiropractic and additional study in a Master’s of Women’s Health Medicine (soon to be a Master’s in Reproductive Medicine too!)

Through years of experience both living (a lot of Anthea’s parents, siblings and extended family are healthcare practitioners) and working in healthcare, Anthea has always seen a need for the ‘grey area’ of healthcare. It’s not medical, it’s not purely ‘alternative’, it’s the mix of both.  If the Male and Female body are fundamentally different, then why don’t we treat our patients differently? 

Why is it that when a female patient has a complex set of symptoms, with no positive test results, we say it must be in her head and blame her and when a male patient has the same presentation we keep searching for answers or think it’s because we don’t have the tests to find the answer? 

The issue is clearly multifaceted and crosses many different areas of society and healthcare. A place to start is educating ourselves as practitioners, patients and human beings. When we know better, we do better. 

Over her years working as a Chiropractor and further qualifications in women’s health, Anthea has become known for her ability to easily explain complex topics, making them fun, engaging and applicable to her audience. She is dedicated to changing the way female patients are treated in the healthcare system, teaching women how to advocate for themselves, and practitioners how to make navigating female health a breeze.


Do you struggle
Understanding Women's Hormones?

We will take a deep dive into the menstrual cycle, learning how it alters from puberty to menopause, and what happens when diseases such as endometriosis, PCOS or hypothyroidism are present.

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Do you ever get
Confused about what is normal at different stages of female development?

Understanding the difference between common and normal is at the core of what you will learn. Understanding that female hormones are different at puberty, compared to our 20’s, 30’s 40’s, in menopause and beyond is lacking in our education and management of our patients. Society has us believe that we should be able to achieve peak health by doing the same things no matter if we’re 25 or 45. That just ain’t the truth. 

I want to learn about this!

Do you want to
Collaborate with other practitioners on women's health?

Understanding specific female health red flags, what tests your patient needs, when to refer for them and how best to collaborate with their GP and Specialists is a key skill we help you learn.

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Are you sick of
Seeing female patients that have lost hope?

This is what we’re all about. Creating change in the healthcare system so women don’t have to feel like there is something wrong with them but instead knowing that it’s the system that doesn’t have the answers they need. It starts with understanding how the female body works, and how it changes across the lifespan so we can adapt our lifestyle and treatment to get the best function out of our body, no matter the stage of development.

Where do I sign up?

May 21st 2022- Melbourne CBD

Citadines on Bourke


$325 inc GST
  • Live Seminar Ticket
  • Practitioner Workbook Manual
  • Free Practitioner Resources
  • Meals For The Day
  • Live-stream available


$545 inc GST
  • Live Seminar Ticket
  • Practitioner Workbook Manual
  • Free Practitioner Resources
  • Meals For The Day
  • Live-stream available

Women should have better healthcare options.
we want you to be one of them.

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Bonus Content

  • History intake form for Integrative Women’s Health appointments (Valued at $300)
  • Simple, educational and integrative handouts for Endometriosis (Valued at $150)
  • Simple, educational and integrative handouts for PCOS (Valued at $150)
  • Simple, educational and integrative handouts for Osteoporosis (Valued at $150)
  • Ability to have access to exclusive women’s health clinic posters


We’ve been hit with the twenty questions before, so let’s skip past the awkward first date questions and go  right to the juicy stuff.

We will be live streaming the seminar if multiple people cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances. So you can join us from home, your car or anywhere around the world. Your workbook, notes and practitioner resource files will be sent to you.

With the current roadmap released by the VIC government, we're confident that live events will be able to occur. However we are all too aware that life can change very quickly. If needed the content will be able to be delivered online, and partial reimbursements will be made. Let's all cross our fingers and toes we can all catch up and enjoy some seminar energy together!

  • Seminar 8am-5pm
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Seminar booklet
  • Free practitioner resources to use in Practice. (eg. Report of findings inserts etc)


Making the information applicable is one of the core objectives we have for this content. 

Knowledge is great, but applying it is when you get to see all of the amazing results. 

We have a broad range of free resources for you to use in your clinic, from patient intake forms and patient symptoms quizzes for common deficiencies. 

We also have a variety of paid resources to help you educate your female patients.