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TSOM is a place for all women to go that gives knowledge based on research, professional training and experience so that every women can make health decision with her eyes open. 

The lack of a sense of control of your life is the number one predictor of death. Our aim is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to feel control and grab your health by the balls.

A few words about me

the Founder

Hi I’m Dr. Anthea Todd (B.App.Sci, B.App.Hsci Chiro). Don’t let the letter scare you, I’m really just a girl who has always had an interest in health and the human body and has always dreamt of helping people, just now I have a few more qualifications under my belt, and whole lot of hunger for understanding how the body is connected and how I can help people get control of it. 

Growing up with a family full of Chiropractors and Naturopaths my mentality has always been to look at the person before you look at the illness. When we were sick with a headache, cold or temperature we first sought to strengthen ourselves before we resorted to outside help.  (Obviously in serious cases that were life threatening or traumatic accidents the hospital was our first port of call.) 

Throughout university I learnt how each and every part of our body works, how it should work, and what happens when it doesn’t and disease presents. But what was missing and is missing in our current mainstream healthcare system is what to do in the middle…

What to do when you don’t have a disease that is life threatening, what to do when you don’t feel right but your tests all come back clear, what to do when you have a multitude of health conditions that are seemingly ‘unrelated’ and what to do when you feel completely out of control and your overwhelmed.

So that is why I created ‘The State Of Me’. A place where I can show every woman that they’re not crazy and that they don’t have to put up with how their feeling or their chronic conditions. 

All of this information is information you can understand and implement into your life. We also have a select few tools and products which sole purpose is to educate you and give your body what it needs to function at its best. 

You may be asking why just women? What about men? Yes men certainly have chronic health issues too, unfortunately the sex difference I see in day to day practice is: 

Women feel out of control, look for help and either get told that they’re fine, or that they have a multitude of conditions, and men tolerate or ignore their symptoms and avoid getting help for as long as possible. 

So for now, lets help a sister out, get the women sorted and then us women can help men understand they can get help too.

Dr. Anthea Todd

Founder and CEO

Tom Cousin

Lead Developer

Dr. Wayne Todd and SD Protocol

TSOM Ambassador

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