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A Women’s Health Practitioner and Chiropractor, passionate about creating better healthcare options for women by leading education for females and practitioners in an integrative approach to healthcare.  

After graduating and becoming a Chiropractor in 2017, I began working with people of all different ages, genders, shapes and sizes. From newborn babies to people in their late 90’s.

I found it interesting how many of the female patients I had would be experiencing a multitude of issues and would often report that they had been assessed through mainstream structures and told that their tests were ‘normal’ and therefore there was nothing wrong with them. This would often lead them to feel like their symptoms were just ‘in their head’. Interestingly I witnessed this on a much larger scale when comparing females to male patients. 

I would see this in women in their teens with irregular, painful menstrual cycles, through to women going through menopause and struggling with debilitating heavy periods, insomnia and mood swings – and everything in between – I myself struggling with adult hormonal acne. Unfortunately because these symptoms are common, we as females accept them as normal. We accept that pain and discomfort are just ‘part of being a female’. I’m here to tell you they’re not, and when we understand how our body works, how it changes over different stages of our lives and what we can do to support it, we can live a life where we can listen and use our bodies inherent wisdom, instead of fighting against it. 

Fed up with only knowing the basics of what undergraduate university and society taught me, I enrolled in a double Masters in Women’s Health Medicine and Reproductive Medicine. Graduating January & August 2022 respectively. 

I use my expertise and knowledge in both the allied/natural health and medical side, to bring an integrative approach to healthcare for women. Ultimately creating change on a large scale by helping women individually, as a community – as well as practitioners better upskill themselves so we can create a workforce that creates better healthcare options for women. 

What I know from my own experience and witnessing the experience of my patients, friends and family is that when a woman is given the support, knowledge and tools to understand what her body needs, there is very little that can hold her back.

When we understand how our bodies work as females, we understand that suffering isn't inherent to being female. When we accept this, and understand that our body is our greatest power, we can use it to achieve the health we desire.

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